1,000 friends, My YouTube mission and new Goals!

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1,000 Subscribers…

I wanted to take this opportunity to do the following:

  1. Clarify my mission with YouTube and my content

My mission…

It’s been 8 months since I started my YouTube fully.

8 months later, I’ve created over 150 videos, create over 2 hours of content and developed a following of 1,000. Although these are very small numbers, I believe I’ve finally found premise for pressing on with the mission to map/review every resource to boost people’s daily productivity.

My mission with my channel has become aware to me in the last few weeks.

The channel is not here to show others “how to be productive”.

The channel is here:

“to show people how to utilize tools and resources to their styles, needs and practices in order to maximise their productivity”

1,000 friends….

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After starting the channel, I really didn’t think I’d get much attraction from the videos. Over time I decided to increase my appearances, open up the content and drive towards what the audience wanted and during this time I’ve made a lot of friends though the likes of YouTube comments, Twitter, Instagram and more…

Shout-out to the following amazing people that support me daily in my mission and also help me devise the content: (only a small handful of them):

  • Abner Tao

In future episodes I’ll be taking into account more audience interaction around topics of tools, productivity and more.

Not to mention the brand that have supported me in my mission by providing resources, access and merchandise free of charge:

  • Todoist

What’s coming…

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1. Better Website:

I’m working on boosting the content on the website to help you map resources. I want the website to be a static hub to analyse stats, opinions and advice about the tools I talk about.

2. More Smaller Hacks:

Smaller hacks are becoming more and more popular. I see this in my video stats, so I’ll be adding more smaller videos about the tiny motions within each app/resource I review.

3. Higher Quality:

I’m looking to boost the quality of my camera, content and length of my videos in the next few months, I think combined with a continuous focus on building the best content to help you with your productivity needs.

4. More Audience Engagement:

Let’s get you guys involved more. I’m going to be sharing more on Twitter and YouTube with an opportunity for you to contribute to opinions and get your questions heard in each video I do. I’m really looking forward to this.

5. More Guest videos:

Sometimes, I’m not the best person to run over a tool. This might be because I haven’t been using it for a long time or my knowledge is growing in this area. I’m going to be scouting a few awesome people to share how they use their tools for the channel.

Thanks everyone!

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👨🏻‍💻 Host of Keep Productive — talking about the future of productivity software here on Medium 👋🏻

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