10 Hot Productivity Apps for 2024

The biggest productivity apps to note down this year

Francesco D'Alessio
5 min readJan 19, 2024

Every year, I tend to recommend the productivity apps with the best appeal and ones I feel for. This is that yearly post, and after 10+ years in productivity, this year is heating up.

But not for AI reasoning; the expansion of tools continues, and the competition is higher than ever, which is perfect for expansion.

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One of the most interesting tool combos. Like Craft & Whiteboards having a baby with exciting, well-built, open-source, offline, real-time abilities. I’m impressed with AFFiNE's early days.

Whiteboards + pages in AFFiNE

2. Tatem

Superhuman have long gone without a competitor. Tatem, I think it will be that email experience for challenging premium email and continuing the competition. It's very mysterious, but the focus on speed & reliability is there.

Speedy visions for Tatem

3. Superlist

The most hyped to-do app ever, probably. Superlist is coming soon, in beta, it rocks. My initial test of the beta was perfect, almost top task management apps standard, which is rare for a first launch. Impressive.

Integrations in Superlist

4. Flown

This isn’t software, but now we’ve all been remote working for 4 years, many deciding not to go back to the office, tools like Flown, which help create co-working virtual focus sessions, will be the rising star in 2024.

Remote work will begin to drain man, apps like Flown will help

5. Scrintal

The nature of note-taking apps is changing. Scrintal brings whiteboards, boards, and connecting notes in one. An exciting vision and combination of stunning design, I have my eye on.

6. Capacities

With a vision to connect notes using objects, this app has the most potential to fix what Notion couldn’t fix, the structure problem. This app will either fall hard if they don’t invest in this object-based thinking + AI or be bought by Notion this year.

7. Morgen

I was not sure about Morgen at first, but in the last year, they’ve just put their foot down on the innovation within their calendar experience. One of the movers in the calendar space, doing some of the most exciting things.

8. Anytype

Like AFFiNE, Anytype has the potential to be a popular note-taking app, with its open-source nature and focus on clean design with the function of Scrintal and many more on this list, it could have a future place.

9. Akiflow

This app had a stellar 2023, and into 2024, there’s more on the cards. With the introduction of Outlook, there’s something progressive about Akiflow becoming the world’s task dashboard and that is exciting in 2024.

10. Mayday

They want to be your task and calendar AI assistant, and some of the best implementations I’ve seen from an app of this, worked very well in our reviews and tests. Mayday is on my radar for 2024.



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