10 New Note-Taking Apps in 2021

The most recent note-taking applications to join the market

Francesco D'Alessio
3 min readMay 25, 2021


The note-taking market in 2021 is a huge space!

New entrance like Obsidian, Mem and more joining the space — and folks like Craft, Supernotes and Walling all turning heads.

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1. AmpleNote

One of the new more traditional tools on the market, AmpleNote looks very much similar to Evernote from a glance, but packs away bi-directional linking and a “task score” ability that helps you rank the importance of your tasks.

2. Craft Documents

Probably one of the faster growing personal note-taking tools is Craft. Craft allows you to take collaborative documents, with cards being the killer feature. Create pages, areas and your own workspaces out of cards and much like Notion — you have yourself a mini-wiki workspace for your docs/notes.

3. Spaces

More a writing application, but favoured by many as good balance between the two. Spaces allows you to write in markdown and organize using hashtags, much like Bear Notes, but for writers needing focus, they have a “focus mode” to keep you in the zone.



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