10 Must-Do’s During Quarantine

Keep your mind active, relax and learn

Before we begin, this guide could be useful, it’s all my advice pooled from mental health to optimism around the globe. Any of the below is if you can, always take advice on the best practices from government and health officials.

1. Reduce News to 2x Per Day 📰

Shuffle down your intake to just two times a day. Overload is happening and you may even be experiencing it, do two daily briefings and do your very best to mute news sources at this time.

📒 Note: Remember to absorb and implement government or health advice.

2. Do 1 x Kettlebells & Bodyweight Workouts a Day 🏋🏻‍♂️

Lots of great health advice out there, and shout out to Joel Runyon sharing brilliant stuff on kettlebell use etc. Aim to use your exercise time with small space workouts — like with kettlebells, skippsing, bodyweight and more.

🔥 Recommended: Tom Merrick on YouTube

3. Video Call Loved Ones 1 x 2 Days 📹

Getting into a routine of speaking is important, even scheduling time will help you plan your daily schedule during lockdowns. We recommend the traditional applications, but there’s always Zoom — which works well with chatting reliably on Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android.

💬 Tip: Facebook Messenger has plenty of filter face games to play!

4. Make a Rough & House Daily Schedule 📅

Producing some form of a rough schedule of your day will help. Giving yourself some consistency will provide some certainty in uncertain times.

This is a guide on how to do that in ClickUp, Anne Leah shares how she’s doing it for her and her children to keep them focused.

5. Finish Online Courses 🏡

Courses that you’ve bought, not taken, it’s 100% worth jumping into them now and finishing them, if they’re still relevant!

6. Stay Positive Best You Can 💙

With all this uncertainty, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This is the best video I’ve found to summarise the attitude, that I think works best. It’s produced and created by Matt D'Avella and well worth a watch.

7. Take Yourself Away! 🙌🏼

Yes, you’re shut-in. But there’s ways to escape. Read a new book, play a new Wii game, crack out a puzzle, watch travel videos on YouTube, learn a new language, start a side projects — it’s all for the taking. If you want to remove yourself from the stress, unplug or internet or use Freedom or Forest.

8. Browse Old Photos 📸

Remember when you were outside taking photos, aha, relive those moments. Old photos are a great way to look back on the past and enjoy old memories. With your old photo galleries you may have or your Google Photos album — hit them up on your TV or laptop and enjoy them with others.

9. Clean Your Room 🛌

Yes folks, some Jordan Peterson advice here. Cleaning your room can be a helpful way to reduce clutter in your mind and one of the best ways to reduce growth of bacteria of course, perfectly explained below.

10. Crack Out Audible 🎹

Try not to put pressure on delivery drivers, and order digital editions of books you’d like to read if you haven’t got them. Audible is the perfect way to read books, I always recommend it to people for commutes or with a 15+min time period. This is a great opportunity to read a book.

💙 One final line to leave you with…

A great tweet from Conor McGregor (when he’s behaving!)

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