3 Apps for Using GTD in 2022

The famous productivity book by David Allen and how to use it

Francesco D'Alessio
2 min readJul 25, 2022

Getting Things Done by David Allen is widely regarded as one of the best, if not the OG productivity read to begin with, but does it hold its strength in 2022 and how well can you use it with the tools out there now.

Let’s explore 3 tools you can use Getting Things Done’s philosophy in — note, we’ve included some tools that include affiliate links below.

1. Amplenote*

We recently partnered with Amplenote to create a guide to GTD in 2022 but the flexible nature of tasks, calendar views and notes allow you to combine all 5 stages of GTD into one foundation.

2. Easlo’s Notion GTD 2.0 Template*

Notion has become popular with productivity and digital minimalists worldwide for the open-canvas nature of the experience. Easlo, one of Notion’s best template creators, has remastered his GTD template for 2.0 release — check it out below.

3. Nirvana HQ

One of the most unknown productivity tools out there. Nirvana is an underrated tool for managing your GTD in one hub, with features mapping to how the system works — very much like OmniFocus 3.

More suitable for solely task management.

Many of the tools today can be mapped to the world of GTD — but these are some of the best for managing all your work using the more traditional and strict GTD system David Allen imposes.

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