3 New Productivity Tools Spotted!

Launched recently, these tools have interesting approaches.

3 min readMay 10, 2023


I’ve shortlised new tools that have recently landed on Tool Finder, to explore and see what these newer productivity tools are offering up.

1. Conjure Habits

The most advanced habit tracker I’ve ever seen…

Not your everyday habit tracking app… ✅

With ways to add measurements, goals and objectives alongside the basic/intermediate habit tracking tool — this is really the most customisable, advanced habit tracker for not just basic needs, but every need.

You can even set-up dashboards to see what habits you have rolling and what’s coming up. This like the Superhuman for Habits…

2. Mayday Calendar

Calendar apps are surging in 2023.

Mayday Calendar task blocking feature ✨

Rise Calendar, Daybridge, Amie, Magical are all in the battle and Mayday Calendar has entered the chat with a vibrant approach. Mayday claims to be the AI-driven calendar app, with scheduling and auto-scheduling for conflicts, meetings and blocked time.

More time window features allow you to time-block and schedule out time. Some neat new concepts in Mayday Calendar, read all about it 👇🏼

3. Capacities

A new type of note-taking tool… with objects.

Object building takes Capacities on a new route… ⭐️

Capacities presents an advanced note-taking tool like Obsidian with the feel and structure of Notion, with one exception.

It is built on something called “objects” allowing you to construct these building blocks, beforehand, giving you a way to create a “studio for your mind” — but a better base for your notes from day one.

An interesting and unique approach to notes as we enter an AI world.

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