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3 Remote Work Tools to Upgrade Your Workspace

From better video calls to crispier background noises

This will cover 3 exciting workspace tools that might just improve your video conferencing with team members. Alternatives to Zoom that might just be helpful plug-ins to manage better meetings.

Note: This article includes affiliate links.

1. 📹 Around (early access)

Around is one of the biggest leaps in video conferencing tools, by introducing a newer, sleeker way to do calls. Chat bubbles, only detecting your face will help to make meetings focused on the attendees, not the backgrounds.

Not out yet, Around will offer more than just the face detection, but a whole host of features to make video meetings easier:

  • Something called “EchoTerminator Engine” — meaning you can do calls with other people in the same room, with no echo or disturbance.
  • Works on Mac, Linux, Web and Windows — and potentially Chrome & Edge too.
  • Up to 15 people per session, screen-sharing, and Slack integration too.

📒 Extra notes

  • With no pricing released, this could very well be the Superhuman of video conferencing tools — with a hefty price tag and cult-like following.
  • Question? Would this make it easier for people to ignore the meeting and just carry on with work or allow real-time collaboration on docs?
  • One of the features I loved most is the meeting room links, that could be shared with external parties — allowing for no installs their end, just jumping in (apparently).

2. 🎤 Krisp

AI-noise canceling technology that allows for a simple plug-in to reduce background noise in all scenarios. Coffee shops, washing machine in the background, screaming child — apparently! I may need this soon.

📒 Extra notes

  • Krisp is perfect for reducing the background stress and focusing on the meeting in front of you.
  • With many tools, like Around, introducing more muting noise features and Microsoft Teams producing features that block backgrounds and unwanted noise. Is this tool coming under pressure?
  • Try the feature below — that shows it off to see if it’s worth it!

3. 🏢 Taskade

The final star of the show is Taskade. Many smaller teams are flocking to Taskade as a hub for their tasks, projects, and chat.

This condensed tool helps start-ups and small teams to communicate not only with text chat but with video chat tool — a small conferencing tool that works to start smaller 1:1 calls with others — including in the free plan too.

📒 Extra notes

  • The flexibility of this tool impresses me.
  • I’d only recommend this tool for 2–15 team sizes right now.

These were some helpful remote work tools to improve and enhance your video conferencing experiences as you work from home.

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