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3 Useful Tools for New Teams

It is important when starting out to have a definition of what communication tools you can use within your team, this communication is important, it will be the infrastructure to doing some great and interesting work with others.

This is an overview of three tools to get the work done in a small team, I was able to use these in a recent start-up with very strong outcomes to the efficiency of the team. This is perfect for teams of 3+ (amount not AGE).


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Slack is the coolest and hottest app on the market at the moment.

For those who don’t know what Slack is… imagine a Facebook Group Messenger for every section of your company, marketing, finance, new team (you get to make the names). This allows you to communicate in real time with others within these groups.

The whole concept of Slack reduces emailing within a team by having conversations versus one way emails with long threads. This reduces emailing within teams not reducing emails with clients to be specific. Additionally you can share multimedia sources within the group which helps ongoing management of company information. There are many features and functionality involved in Slack but I want to mention a few of the golden functions for full team.

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One of the best features I have found in Slack is the TAG feature allowing you to tag team members almost like tagging someone’s name in a Facebook comment — its like a little nag for them to jump in and listen to what is relevant in the stream.

Works wonders in our team.

To Overview Slack as a Team:

  • Saves time emailing over information
  • Integrates with existing tools out there
  • Tag feature involved for contacting team members
  • Fast Real Time communication
  • Files are easy to find through Slack Search


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The Next tool is Todoist, this is perfect for small teams.

The simplicity and open approach of this app and tool allows for a smooth experience for the team when delegating, adding tasks and developing new projects. Todoist can be used for Free with team members however I would highly recommend getting the Todoist Business for your team members. Whatever you choose I would get it no matter what…

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If you choose Business/Premium:

It creates a “Team Inbox” for all the team to focus on core tasks. It also allows you to create up to 200 active Project Lists that can used as communication channels for a client for showcasing progression of tasks. Within the Team Inbox task list you can assign other tasks via the adding task feature, this has become very effective and works so quickly. Additionally there is a File + Notes feature which saves loads of time when needing to add context to a task… This is so useful when want to talk and commenting with teams.

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If you choose Free:

There are tonnes of useful tools for your team and also the free version doesn’t shut you off for using it as a life tool… neither does Todoist Premium and Business too.
You should use this tool Free or not… it is so useful!

To Overview Todoist:

  • Awesome team tool for assigning and maintaining tasks
  • Make every Project colourful and fun
  • Fantastic notification tool to manage incoming tasks from others
  • 80 active projects lists for FREE users
  • PREMIUM: Labels and Filters which save a tonne of time
  • PREMIUM: Files and Note managers for every task


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Sunrise is an awesome Calendar application which is perfect for engaging with team members, organising events with ease and bringing together all your event information in one place.

Sunrise brings in your information from Google Cal, iCloud Calendar, Facebook Events and loads more productivity and social applications:

  • Todoist
  • Asana
  • Basecamp
  • Meetup
  • TripIt
  • GitHub and more…
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Once you bring in this information together it becomes very powerful. Things will pop up at relevant times without any hassle of remembering them. Once set up — with all the accounts you can use this as your event hub. One awesome feature that I use is the “invite” feature.

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Inviting people is very easy and it pull information from your Gmail if you are using Google Calendar which saves so much time when inviting people! They are aiming to bring out a Outlook Login very soon, seeing as this is a Microsoft Application this will be a power house app in the future for businesses.

To Overview Sunrise:

  • Pulling in information from tools you use throughout your day
  • Fun and Interactive experience with iconography
  • Add Alerts, Descriptions and more useful information to an event
  • Personalised and custom features
  • Well organised and clear UI
  • Useful reminders for the application when the time comes for the event

These will hopefully bring strong productivity to your new team or existing team.

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