5 Annual Predictions for the Productivity Tool Market in 2023

What will happen to the world of productivity tools this coming year

Francesco D'Alessio
3 min readDec 21, 2022


Every year, I give my personal thoughts on the role that productivity tools play in our lives and how this evolves.

With the role of AI coming through in tools like Craft, Notion, Coda and many more — this could well be a difficult one to predict — but here are the most confident predictions I have setting into 2023.

🔮 5 Predictions for Productivity in 2023

These have been pulled together by myself after 10+ years in this space. Please subscribe on YouTube for more videos from Keep Productive.

1. AI Template Battle Enrages

Yes, you heard it. We’ve had the wave of Notion templates. Well they’re about to get wild. Recently, Coda introduced OpenAI button functions, ways to create your own actions surrounding GPT-3 and OpenAI.

Well this is going to replicated by Notion, no doubt — and be used to create OpenAI based templates to do small to large tasks for you — combined with the API and Zapier, this will be the largest upgrade to Notion templates and keep the community whirling into 2023.

2. Microsoft Loop Evolves Past Notion

Loop is set for 2023 appearance, well, if Microsoft hit the button.

This could play a huge role in game-changing the market for enterprise customers who love the idea of Notion but lack the ability to switch tools away from the Microsoft suite of tool.s

I predict that Microsoft Loop will be the tool that either makes 365 or kills any chance of a Notion-like comparison. If Loop doesn’t work, they’ll have to buy them out — as past experiences with Sharepoint have not lived up to the objective of unifying team members like Notion has.

3. Prices Increase by 25%+ Per Plan



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