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5 New Note-Taking Apps Making Waves

Hot productivity note-takers on the rise!

Francesco D'Alessio
4 min readMay 4, 2021


The last year has given rise to a new type of note-taking application, the bi-directional note-linking application — a better way to connect notes together.

But note-linking isn’t the only innovation in the note-taking space, it also include wiki portals, idea connection wizards and even task scores — all embedded in note-taking applications of the future.

In this article, we’ll overview 5 of the hottest new note-taking applications gaining lots of attention right now.

🪴 Note: these are all new and growing in the space!

1. Mem.AI

A glimpse of Mem.AI from their YouTube channel!

Recently securing 5.6M in investment from Andreessen Horowitz, Mem.AI has an interesting take on linking notes.

You can snooze mems, organize them in and out of an inbox, share mems with other users in your groups and even set tasks — a really interesting approach to your note-taking.

Unlike Roam Research and Obsidian, Mem looks like the first exploratory social bi-directional note-taker and an interesting bet for 2021.

2. Craft Documents

Craft on MacOS

Craft came out of no where, but it brings a stunning iOS, MacOS and now web experience that screams reliability for your notes and documents.

Craft does allow you to connect notes together, but works in the same way as Notion — allowing you to create pages and documents to make a sort of personal wiki workspace.



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