5 Tips for Ultimate Personal Productivity at Home

Change the way you work from home for the better

Francesco D'Alessio
5 min readJun 2, 2021


Working from home has become familiar to many millions of people over the last year and it may be something you are still getting to grips with.

Understanding how to best work from home is difficult, I remember the first few months of working 50% remotely for a company and 50% freelancing. It was difficult, and that’s when we could go outside.

It requires balance, conversations and constant adapting to your routine and improving elements where you can for ultimate personal productivity at home. Even today, I continue to find time, effort and health tweaks whilst working from home and the changes always lead to overall better work.

I’ve pulled together 5 personal productivity recommendations that I think would benefit most, from my own personal experiences working from home for just over five years now.

1. Capture — Don’t Remember Everything!

The first and personal favourite step of GTD (Getting Things Done)

The biggest lesson I took away from GTD, Getting Things Done was capture. Capture is simply the act of saving or jotting down anything that comes up in your mind — could be your daughter’s ballet shoes you need to buy or the change in meeting time for next week’s stand-up, capture is really beneficial when it comes to working from home.

Action: If you don’t already, get an inbox. Not an email inbox, we have enough of them. I mean, a task manager/to-do list app or even a place you can solely capture new things. As David Allen in Getting Things Done recommends, capture everything that pops into your brain — get it out of your mind onto the inbox in front of you — then sort it later, wherever it fits best.



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