7 Productivity Apps Ali Abdaal Uses

YouTube’s biggest productivity expert uses these seven apps

Francesco D'Alessio
4 min readOct 10, 2023


Ali Abdaal is a prominent figure in the YouTube community, particularly renowned for his expertise in productivity. With a background in medicine, he offers a unique perspective that integrates health and well-being with efficiency hacks and tech solutions.

His channel serves as a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to optimize their daily life, be it through better time management, effective use of technology, or well-researched health advice.

1. Otter Notes

Otter AI is an AI productivity tool to help assist businesses, students and individuals to save them time with notes, emails, collaboration and overall boost productivity.

2. Rize

Rize is an automatic time tracking tool that uses AI to help increase your productivity, focus and overall build better working habits.

Gives Ali insights into where he spends his time and what tools and apps.

3. Loom

Loom is a cloud-based video messaging app that allows users to quickly and easily create and share video recordings with others.

Saves Ali time and reduce the meetings within the team. They then watch it back at double (2x or even 2.5x) speed to stop the need for meetings.

4. Notion

The famed “all-in-one workspace” used by millions globally to manage everything. Notion is the fastest growing productivity app.

Ali uses it to keep all of this team connected with notes in one base.

5. Slack

Who doesn’t know Slack. Well, maybe you if you’ve landed here. Let’s give you a rundown of the basics of Slack and how it works as a popular team communication tool.

6. Superhuman

Premium email experience offering faster email management. This is regarded as one of the fastest email experiences on the web loading Microsoft 365 and Gmail emails.

7. Things 3

A minimal to-do list application with projects, lists, tasks and more for managing your workload. Things is used by productivity expert Tiago Forte, Second Brain founder.

Tools mentioned above include affilliate links.

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