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8 Apps to Watch in February 2016

I have really enjoyed January it’s been a fantastic month.

Now looking into February, what tools are the ones making the most noise and which are the ones to look out for? I’ve reviewed most of these Apps before on my Channel!

Here are the 8 Apps to Watch in February 2016:

1. Evernote

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Evernote needs a major re-design. And I’m 100% sure that this will be the month for that. As many have seen, Evernote has been going through some updates internally and senior staff movements. After spending a lot of time viewing them in December, I think Chris O’Neill is ready to unveil something new and fresh with Evernote’s Design and take the Business/Enterprise proposition to new heights.

Prediction: New Design (All Platforms), New Business/Enterprise 3.0 launch

2. Todoist

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Todoist have had a killer 2015, with over a 2M raise in their users, they are doing very well as a “Remote company”, something that many have criticised. Todoist have mentioned a few of their updates aimed for 2016 however in Todoist fashion, I think we’ll see these with a 1–2 week warning (they tend to announce something is coming on social media). For February, I think they’ll focus on a feature that has been long discussed and I think is heavily needed. Views. Different ways to experience your Todoist, without having to see solely a list view.

Prediction: New List Views (Optional)

3. Trello

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This Trello Dribbble design is where I think it’ll go..

Trello have also had a fantastic year, over 12M users, something that many productivity apps are aiming for but sometimes never achieve, they’ve managed to. In February, I think that Trello will focus their efforts on designing the experience for certain audiences. We all know that individuals use Trello for many different things and I think Trello are understanding this and will capitalise on this. In similar style to Todoist I think they’ll launch some sort of visual feature that brings a new experience for the users interacting.

Prediction: Alternative views to Kanban

4. Everlist

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Everlist is something that I’ve been keeping an eye on in December and January, it’s a very design focused Todo list application and something that is getting some audience especially for the designers of the world. It reminds me of the Swipes application in it’s early days. Everlist is an impressive tool and I’d recommend to download or watch my review here. But in February they’ll definitely be looking to add to the experience.

Prediction: Custom Board imagery, Material Design Android App

5. Wunderlist

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Apple Watch Wunderlist ;0

Wunderlist is something that has been off my radar for the past 3 months, I haven’t paid much attention to the service, however, it’s turn-around time for Wunderlist. After being purchased by Microsoft, as we saw with Sunrise, I think we will see dramatic changes to Wunderlist this month coming. It really can go either both ways here, they create either:

  • A new Wunderlist Re-design
  • A new Task Management system within Outlook/Exchange (App)

Prediction: My gut feeling is going towards the Outlook getting a task management system, I think Outlook are in the game of extracting features and replicating them within their native experiences which make money and are growing fast in the business markets (still).

6. Lifesum

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Lifesum is a SUPER impressive application for iOS and Android that allows you to keep updated with your nutritional health and exercise. They recently launch “Movesum” which tracks your movements, very similar to Facebook’s Moves, and gives you feedback on how well your doing by comparing it to other unhealthy/healthy foods. Eg. You just burnt off a banana… Anyhow, I really am impressed with Lifesum and I think in February they’ll be launching an all new service to compliment their Health/Diet focused App. For example: Lifesum: Fitness/Running/Basketball.

Prediction: Introducing Lifesum — Fitness/Running

7. Snapchat

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Snapchat is growing fast, I’ve been watching a lot of Gary Vaynerchuk on Snapchat and been following many of my friends there who are playing the game. It’s a vibrant place on Snapchat but as Gary discusses, discover is impossible without the warranted use of other platforms or word of mouth. Snapchat will introduce a new feature called “Find” that will give you access to the world of Snapchatters, I think the team will add something cool into this like a gamification service — Eg. Top 10 Snapchatters in London UK etc.

Prediction: Introducing Snapchat “Find”

8. Dropbox Paper

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Paper in all it’s glory!

It’s time. Dropbox will release Dropbox Paper as a stand-alone application allowing all those early adopters access to the everything as well as Public access too.

Prediction: Dropbox will release Paper to everyone.

You’re probably thinking “damn Francesco, now if these don’t happen I’ll be super sad”, these are solely predictions from monitoring all of these companies on a daily progress, not just their app development but also their company messaging and communication.


Francesco :)

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