8 Hacks & Tips for Evernote Users

Making the most from your Evernote account for work/life

Francesco D'Alessio
4 min readJun 3, 2021


Evernote is slowly becoming a more customised experience for its big community of users. With the new Home and better mobile and desktop applications, there are ways to further improve your Evernote experience with small add-ons and tweaks to better work.

These are a few ways you can make your account more you!

1. Customise Home

Evernote home has become your hub for work

Take advantage of the new widgets and layouts. Inside Evernote Home, on mobile and desktop you can hit “customise” in the top right hand corner and add and move widgets about your home page to make the perfect layout for you. From the location of Scratch Pad to your Pinned Note.

2. Capture Screen

On Evernote for MacOS, you can capture the window or specific elements on the screen as part of quick capture. This then will be converted to a note into your default notebook, but people love the way this works from the Mac Menu Bar, easily accessible for fast capture.

3. Show Tags

Want to show tags inside of your Evernote notes. Simply go the OPTIONS inside of a note or notebook view and set the NOTE PREVIEW to SHOW TAGS. Some people like to see what association each note has before going into see.

4. Remove Note Counts



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