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8 Productive Individuals to follow in December

Everyday I continually build on my list of people I follow. I am always looking to look to people to build my knowledge on the productivity community, marketing and branding and also how to work harder and smarter in your everyday situation.

For December, here is my list: (in no particular order)

1. 5 Minute Languages, Agnieszka

Agnieszka runs a Blog all about language learning and motivation. Although some of her theories and practices blend directly into language learning they can be replicated in practice with other hobbies and activities that you do. I keep updated with her fantastic blog, here’s an article to get you started:

And her Twitter Page to follow is here!

2. Paris Rouzati,

Paris is the Head of Marketing over at Paris runs an email weekly about one person who uses the service and explains why they are worth following. Paris does this with such style and creativity and their weekly email is well worth a follow. She also posts some fantastic tweets about what she’s up to:

3. Aimee Dewar, Plymouth Blogger

Aimee and I are both based in Plymouth for our university courses and we’ve connected in the past with a guest blog post about the best places to work in Plymouth. She operates a vibrant blog called “The Plymouth Blogger” despite this sounding very location based, keeps us updated on her adventures with travel, food and lifestyle. Aimee’s blog is a great blend between creative imagery, tasty dishes and beautiful scenery. BE WARNED: You’ll want to explore much more after looking at Aimee’s blog.

Definitely worth a follow on Instagram to keep inspired from her adventures.

4. Trello Blog, Productivity tool

Trello manages like Todoist and Swipes to run a consistent team blog post full of insights into productivity and how to use their tool in practice.

It’s one of the few apps I use on a weekly basis to really hone in on planning future blog posts and video content!

Feel free to try out Trello Gold too — I’m loving the background support!
They’ve also just added support for Google Hangouts!

5. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter & Square

Jack is someone I've looked up to for many years now. Since he started Twitter he’s been one of my idols. Recently he’s managed to progress an IPO with his other company Square and retain leadership and control of Twitter. An interesting fact is that he uses his iPad as his daily tool which is always great to see from a productivity standpoint.

I would recommend following Jack to keep update with his progress, his spiritual thoughts, beard updates and also his directional leadership style.

6. Gretel Perera

Gretel works at Evernote’s Senior PR manager for Latin America. She is a fantastic example of an individual actively engaging on Twitter to reach out to everyone about the Evernote product. I highly recommend following her as she maps her Evernote activity in Mexico and other countries as well as brings to life some of the initiatives Evernote are running.

7. Amir Salihefendic

Amir is someone who I always keep updated with. His company, Todoist is something I always strive to keep updated with. Todoist operates across over 40 countries and is a pioneer in the remote work game, Amir is the CEO of Todoist, something I’m always amazed when following Amir is his activity on Twitter — he manages to speak to everyone and share some fantastic company insight that sometimes you can’t extract from the company account.

Here’s an Interview I did with Amir this year:

8. Joey Cofone

Joey is another CEO that stands out to me. He and 3 others run a small notebook company called “Baron Fig”. At the moment, to say the least, they are are “killing it”. With a range of notebooks, apps to support these and a new pen coming soon via their Kickstarter, they are a US start-up that my eyes and ears are keeping me on my feet.

Follow Baron Fig on Instagram and Joey on Twitter

Oh and he’s there great Kickstarter!

Who do you suggest I follow in December?

Thanks everyone!

Francesco :)

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