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The next trend in productivity apps will be all about deep work

This has been a noisy year for the world.

🎯What are Focus Apps?

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Hot productivity note-takers on the rise!

In this article, we’ll overview 5 of the hottest new note-taking applications gaining lots of attention right now.

1. Mem.AI

What‘s next for meetings inside of Slack?

Personal recommendations from a productivity app reviewer

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🗂 Type 1: Connected

The abrupt ending to the rising star calendar app

Some shock news this week.

🎯 Speculation

✨ We had them as a sponsor the month before…

The most recommended task management applications

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1. TickTick

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A few more opinions & predictions

✨ 1. Mem.AI — your future note-taker?

Have the fast-paced ClickUp and Monday caught up too much?

The last few years for the project management software space have been rather exciting!

And can they hold up a good fight? 🗡

👑 The Kingdom of Views

The future of personal mind-mapping is coming!

Kinopio is a very strange tool!

🐙 What is Kinopio?

This natively-built documents app is making waves!

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