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Another controversial article Francesco. Oh lord!

As I open this article in my local coffee shop, I know reading the comments will be fun and I feel like my perspective on this will be hard pushed — which I always love to see.

I wanted to voice why I believe Notion might not be the future…

An exciting but scary leap for Keep Productive

🌿 How it began?

Ever since I opened up a productivity application on my Dad’s PalmPilot— I’ve always wanted to build a piece of software. After almost 8 years of reviewing them on YouTube — it’s now come time to actually release one to the world.

This has sort of been 12–13 years in…

Task management applications that offer great value

This coming week, we explore the best-value to-do list applications on the market. We’ve picked three to-do list apps to hone in on here on Medium.

Those three applications are Things 3, TickTick & Sorted3, we’ll explore why these make best value to-do list status and how they work out…

Moving from Tempo 2 to Superhuman — early thoughts

Last week, I spent 45-minutes learning email.

Yes, you heard that right.

I did an evening call with the Superhuman team about how to use it and make the best of emailing in general. Here’s how my first week went in Superhuman.

📗 Note: Superhuman provided me with an account as for reviews/tutorials for Keep…

The hidden flaws to moving tools and the benefits of switching

With so much variety of tool options, switching is becoming a much more common habit in the productivity sector — as people find better, more suitable ways to work and manage their life.

Switching isn’t all bad. It can promote better workflows and help you reduce the stress of bottlenecking…

A directory of the most useful recommendations & options

So, there are endless options for productivity apps and tools.

We’ve shortlisted them down into their categories and recommended a few that we commonly review and cover on Keep Productive.

As there are so many, this might look like a long list, but truly it is so important to pick and stick with the tool you use. …

The small things can make a huge difference

Notion continues to add to its fantastic line-up of features by adding smaller, more relatable upgrades — that users who experience Notion daily will really find beneficial to improving micro-issues in their accounts.

Here’s a summary of all of these new upgrades:

1. Search Views in Databases

You can now search any of the views you’ve created — perfect for big databases

New mobile versions extend Supernotes notes experience

The Supernotes team today have announced their 2nd version of Supernotes — with not only an Android and iOS edition but with some much requested features added to the line-up, let’s explore.

Coming in the New Year — the upgrade will be free.

1. 👁 Views Engine

New note views for your notecards — “Broadcast” and “Graph” are the new additions, meaning you can see…

Francesco D'Alessio

🎯 Host of Keep Productive — predicting the future of productivity apps and helping people find and learn the tools & software.

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