Upgrading elements, smoother navigation & more…

Notion introduced an array of upgrades to their service this week, with an intention of fixing smaller, experience based addition for long-standing users.

1. Date When Duplicated

The $20, per month, planner/to-do list making waves

Sunsama isn’t new. It has been around for many years now, but only recently getting the injection of excitement from the productivity space with their engaging Facebook ads and marketing — but much like it’s origins, Sunsama wants to be the one place for your calendar and to-do list.

Just to be upfront, I am a Sunsama affiliate, but my reviews are my own — our goal at Keep Productive is to help you make the most informed decision.

Very simply, Sunsama combines your calendar view and your to-do list in one hub — but with some interesting time management…

Why is it an interesting note-taker right now?

With millions of productivity tools, the world is never in short supply of note-taking applications. From Evernote to Roam, the options to continue to grow and grow for better and smarter ways to note-take.

This article will explore new note-taking application, Mem.

I tend to make courses on the hottest note-takers, so with this article, I’m happy to announce the Mem Made Simple course for learning Mem.

📮 What Makes New Note-Taker Mem Special?

Taken from Traf’s Notion — here

The fall of Notion is inevitable… and what can they do to stop it?

All things come to an end… and one that I think we can all agree, we don’t want to go is Notion

Like all productivity apps and software, the world continues to grow with trends and innovations — better ways to do things, smarter approaches that in a heartbeat drop our focus on one app, to another.

With the same vibe that we all dropped clunky text editors/docs apps on Mac for Evernote, the world will soon be posed with the same dilemma.

📚 Read our RIP: Evernote vs Notion story below!

🐘 Learning from the elephant

As we all know, Evernote are trying to put all their time and attention into gaining back users after almost 5 years without a major release or improvement to their service.

Notion can learn from the old elephant, and actively doing so.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

A fairly new addition to the Salesforce/Slack team tool

Much like Discord, Slack have introduced an audio feature that allows you to chat outside of formal video calls or meetings — through the Slack too, much like you would after a meeting in the office.

Getting Things Done methodology condensed

Long has the productivity space enjoyed the rich lessons that creator of “Getting Things Done” book, David Allen and continues to over time.

Being worshipped for his 5 steps of productivity — today the market reflects that with an array of productivity applications to best optimise your GTD methodology.

We’ve shortlisted a handful of recommendations for managing your productivity and GTD using some powerful applications:

1. Nirvana HQ

Some GTD applications can appear tired in look, thanks to the structured nature of GTD — that’s totally natural. Well, not Nirvana. The application springs life into the process.

Nirvana is available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows & Web — a wide variety for all types of users and the…

Our days will be micro-managed by machine learning

🏎 Zoom forward, 5 years time.

Apple will probably have run out of hardware to make. Completely a moonshot, but hardware might hit this critical point — where as consumers, we just don’t notice the difference anymore.

This is arguably happening now, but from a consumption of new device perspective — we haven’t quite hit this point commerically.

The vast improvement between speed and usability will become blurred — and our focus will turn to… software.

Productivity software will become the new hardware, but with players like Google, Microsoft, Apple & others who invested in being a machine learning engine for said productivity, will be at the front of the queue.

Yes, you heard it. Software.

Now, Apple’s main software set-up for people’s day management will be their productivity…

A short review of the good, bad & details of the new paper tablet

Before we begin, this is an honest review of ReMarkable 2, the company did send this unit across — however I express all my own options as the host of Keep Productive on YouTube.

I’ve condensed my opinions down further to share a few key insights into my own ReMarkable 2 experience to date.

✨ This is my full YouTube review if you’d like to skip this article:

The best way to break this down is to highlight the elements of this experience with a good and bad round-up and summarise who this is best for at the end.

🏆 3 Winning Qualities

A hybrid to-do list/calendar app making waves right now!

Over the years, productivity applications have continued to evolve and change… as we’ve all expected!

The world of to-do list applications was once overwhelmed (and still is) but over the last few months, a new form of “to-do list” application has been impressing many as a one-stop personal productivity hub.

Who are Evernote and Notion’s new competitors?

Back in 2018, I barked on about how Evernote was coming up against the titan, that is now Notion — looking back in hindsight, this really wasn’t the battle we have today.

Here’s what’s next and why Evernote doesn’t need to worry about Notion anymore…

🗂 Evernote vs Notion

The clash of the titans was on…

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