Faster ways to optimise and use Notion on desktop & on-the-go

Notion has been constantly optimising in 2021, with new stability updates, better mobile versions and even a new API to help you connect and build better Notion workspaces.

Well, to go along with this — let’s explore a few Notion tips and tricks.

⚡️ PS. Want to build a powerful…

Eager to beat Notion, Loop brings live components & more

Microsoft have always been aiming to innovate in the software since their journey began. One of the biggest issue that they’ve faced has been creating the next generation of workspaces for people.

With Microsoft Teams, Planner, Project, OneNote, Word, To-Do, Access & all the other Microsoft 365 products — they’ve…

The next phase of our road to machine learning is hand-holding

So the last 3–4 years has focused on dashboard-productivity and helping us build our own productivity tools. This trend will continue. Tools like Notion, Coda and Airtable are prime-examples of these tools.

Hand-holding is, in my opinion, one of the next phases of this journey.

Over the last 15 years…

Our shortlisted Mem features that have impressed us

Mem has a lot going for it.

Recently I spoke in my article “Mem: 2022’s App to Watch” all about how I think Mem is onto something interesting with their linear note-taking application.

For those who don’t know, Mem is very simply a note-taking application that combines your tasks, notes and connects your calendar events — but…

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