The pros, cons & the overall experience summarised

Over the last 20+ days, I’ve been trying Sunsama. As a Todoist user, and coming from a manual to-do list app — I wanted to try this out to give you my thoughts on how it works.

This review is a balanced overview of the application — posing the good…

Our shortlisted Mem features that have impressed us

Mem has a lot going for it.

Recently I spoke in my article “Mem: 2022’s App to Watch” all about how I think Mem is onto something interesting with their linear note-taking application.

For those who don’t know, Mem is very simply a note-taking application that combines your tasks, notes and connects your calendar events — but…

A new type of personal planning application emerges

Daily planner applications have been around for sometime now, however the last year or so has increased their awareness — as to-do list applications fail to help people plan a full day or week ahead with support.

What do daily planner applications help us do:

  • Plan the day or week ahead
  • See and visualise calendar and tasks
  • Help…

How Planner Apps Will Rise & To-Do Apps Fall

Over the last few years, to-do list applications have been the predominant solution to managing your tasks. Lining up your list of tasks or list of things to get done, all in one location — and alongside a calendar app, and a note-taking application — the set has been complete.

Times are changing…

How New PSG №30 Walks Less & Scores More

Lionel Messi is regarded, alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, as one of the best footballers in the last few decades, but what can we learn about his masterclasses at Barcelona and how he approaches each game.

The First 2 Minutes

Messi has not scored in the first 2 minutes in his 600+ game career at Barcelona…

Getting better organized, study more effectively and relax…

In today’s world, students have a plethora of productivity apps at their finger tips, whether it is iPad Minis, or Macs, or the trusty Chromebooks — the availability has gone through the roof in recent years.

We’ve shortlisted some outstanding student productivity applications, we think you’ll love to explore and…

Upgrading elements, smoother navigation & more…

Notion introduced an array of upgrades to their service this week, with an intention of fixing smaller, experience based addition for long-standing users.

1. Date When Duplicated

The $20, per month, planner/to-do list making waves

Sunsama isn’t new. It has been around for many years now, but only recently getting the injection of excitement from the productivity space with their engaging Facebook ads and marketing — but much like it’s origins, Sunsama wants to be the one place for your calendar and to-do list.


Why is it an interesting note-taker right now?

With millions of productivity tools, the world is never in short supply of note-taking applications. From Evernote to Roam, the options to continue to grow and grow for better and smarter ways to note-take.

This article will explore new note-taking application, Mem.

I tend to make courses on the hottest note-takers, so with this article, I’m happy to…

Taken from Traf’s Notion — here

The fall of Notion is inevitable… and what can they do to stop it?

All things come to an end… and one that I think we can all agree, we don’t want to go is Notion

Like all productivity apps and software, the world continues to grow with trends and innovations — better ways to do things, smarter approaches that in a heartbeat drop our focus on one app, to another.

With the same vibe that we all dropped clunky text editors/docs apps on Mac for…

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