The calendar market is getting one big shake up this year!

For the last year, the calendar market has been a bit flat. We saw a significant rise in calendar use with Woven, but the news came thick and fast of their exit and acquisition by Slack Technologies this last month.

Turning an eye to the future of calendar applications. What is next?!

What should the average calendar user expect from the future releases in the market? I’ve got my eye on 3 calendar potentials for the next year to be the leap forward we need in the calendar market.

📅 These are not out yet, but I have a feeling they’ll do well in the market. They could very well be the calendar applications of 2022.

1. Magical

This year’s hottest bets for calendar management

Save yourself some time and skip past the queue

The calendar market is currently a little odd!

Sadly this year, we’ve lost a calendar application from our original list — Woven, which recently was purchased by Slack.

So, we’re still working out the best all-rounder in the market available on most devices, so stay tuned to our YouTube & Medium.

1. Fantastical 3

Fantastical offers a well rounded application — available on iOS and Mac, presenting features like weather management, great calendar management and different views (2-week, day, agenda) etc.

2. Google Calendar

The best all-rounder, available on iOS, Android and web. It comes with all you need as a starter kit…

iOS15 upgrades make huge difference for those struggling

Finally Apple have done it.

They’ve introduced a better way of working for those working from home, struggling to balance notifications on the phone when in a work/life setting.

With the new iOS 15 update, they’ve introduced “Focus” — a new way to set your iPhone/iPad and MacOS device to be better suited to your needs.

These new changes are a great step forward for iOS 15 users to personalised work/life management that isn’t a headache.

There are a variety of ways they do this:

🏡 Large Icons

Making the most from your Evernote account for work/life

Evernote is slowly becoming a more customised experience for its big community of users. With the new Home and better mobile and desktop applications, there are ways to further improve your Evernote experience with small add-ons and tweaks to better work.

These are a few ways you can make your account more you!

1. Customise Home

Exploration into databases, pages and insights of using Notion for work

Fundamentally I use Notion for work only. Back in late 2020, I decided to consolidate most of my personal notes and documents into Evernote — in which I’ve been using for 8+ years now just to tidy up my use cases.

However, I still steam ahead with Notion as a workplace for managing content, upcoming product/course launches and collaborating with editors, both blog and videos easily.

👩🏻‍💻 Here’s a little more about how I work in Notion

☕️ Check out our library of videos on how to learn Notion below:

1. Team Admin

First off, we use Notion for Keep Productive — our website, YouTube and courses. …

Change the way you work from home for the better

Working from home has become familiar to many millions of people over the last year and it may be something you are still getting to grips with.

Understanding how to best work from home is difficult, I remember the first few months of working 50% remotely for a company and 50% freelancing. It was difficult, and that’s when we could go outside.

It requires balance, conversations and constant adapting to your routine and improving elements where you can for ultimate personal productivity at home. Even today, I continue to find time, effort and health tweaks whilst working from home and the changes always lead to overall better work.

I’ve pulled together 5 personal productivity recommendations that I think would benefit most, from my own personal experiences working…

Woven is dead… hello new calendar apps!

Yes, that time has come, Woven has now ended.

The long-time calendar application loved by many is now closing its doors after being purchased by Slack in April 2021.

1. Fantastical

Fantastical is probably one of the better all-rounders, but sadly comes on iOS and Mac exclusively. Fantastical provides a stunning calendar, with some template abilities for repeat events but no scheduling functions.

Priced at $39.99 a year, with some free access

2. Morgen Calendar

A new entrant is Morgen Calendar, a spinoff from a Zurich based university comes with some hype. …

Here’s a breakdown of what worked and didn’t work for me

I’ve been into Medium writing for maybe 3 years now, catching the train early on Medium and enjoying the way that they organically distribute their articles, much like YouTube.

This time last year, I switched on their Medium Partner Program — with not much expectations. I’m a great writer, I only write 1–2 a month on Medium and despite trying, don’t write much past 4–5 minute read time.

☕️ Note: I start with 12K followers, around 25K monthly visits

🎯 Start

Switching on Medium Partner Program — was fairly decent to begin with.

The first 3 months, I went from $126 to…

Why the rising personal productivity space will shock us all

Long gone are the days that you can get most productivity software for a mere $30 a year at premium pricing, there are hundreds of different plans, options and now tools alike.

But a new market screams to be unlock by the world of business professionals for a high standard, high price productivity tool to meet their needs.

When we speak high-end, our criteria is simply anything above $15+ per month and with a high-standard of development/design.

💲 Some High-End Examples

Yes, there are already options out there waiting to be explored.

The most recent note-taking applications to join the market

The note-taking market in 2021 is a huge space!

New entrance like Obsidian, Mem and more joining the space — and folks like Craft, Supernotes and Walling all turning heads.

🧭 Skip the article? See the video below!

1. AmpleNote

One of the new more traditional tools on the market, AmpleNote looks very much similar to Evernote from a glance, but packs away bi-directional linking and a “task score” ability that helps you rank the importance of your tasks.

2. Craft Documents

Probably one of the faster growing personal note-taking tools is Craft. Craft allows you to take collaborative documents, with cards being the killer feature. …

Francesco D'Alessio

👨🏻‍💻 Host of Keep Productive — talking about the future of productivity software here on Medium 👋🏻

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