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Apple’s new automation service

This acquisition might be the next move for Apple Home

This year, Apple purchase Workflow for an undisclosed amount.

Workflow, the automation trigger company, provides a clear service for users to connect their favourite apps together to help you keep everything together.

Apple have been working on Home for quite a whole now, after the success of Alexa, these smart home devices continue to be at the forefront of the service’s plans to dominate the home. After the success of Apple TV and now with Beats, Apple are keen to get everything in order for their Apple Home automation service.

So why did they buy the productivity application?

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Simple, automation process. Workflow is known for the ability to connect up services with ease, it’s UI and experience is really simple allowing everyone to connect what they need together to further improve their app experiences.

As you can see, it’s simple and understandable despite it’s complexity, something that rival service IFTTT and Zapier aim to do with their efforts.

Apple had featured the service many times as one of the best applications on the App Store, for both Mac and iOS, recommending it to all users.

So when should we see this in effect?

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From my opinion, Apple only adopted the service as a way to get a easy to use and effective user interface experience for Apple Home, allowing them to make it easier for users to process what needs to be connected as well as having a direct working portal to services to connect to your Home.

If they kept the main Workflow app on the App Store, that would allow them to make a small side revenue, that would keep the existing Workflow users happy for sure. At $2.99 I’m sure that’s too low for them to consider.

It’s up to Apple to make the next move against the likes of the Amazon Echo and Tap. Maybe Workflow is that gateway to exploring the world of Home.

Food for thought, in the comments I’d love to hear your ideas! Feel free to follow me on YouTube and Twitter.

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