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This article covers the Top 5 core tips for developing your Swipes account to be a Ninja base for Productivity + Killer companion Application on the go!

Are you ready to become the Ninja of Swipes?

These tips are for iPhone — But see Android Review below!

Let’s Begin!


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  • When using this fantastic tool, you need to feel comfortable. Sometimes Colour is that comfort…
  • Simply head over to “three dots” in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Then… Hit “Cog” Settings button and then “Theme” — From here you can make as many changes as possible.


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This little nipper can save you a little bit of time when adding new tasks and engaging with those tasks.

Simply changing the “Add new tasks to bottom” will help you boost time and efforts in reaching new tasks.

Also adding the “Status Bar” will save time with all your extra messages/notifications on the go!

Believe me, these small tips save time!


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This feature is designed for everyone, the early risers, the late night birds, the late risers and the nappers!

Change all of your snooze times using “Settings” and “Snoozes” — You can shape it to your lifestyle!

Start your day @ 6am? That’s cool!

Your evening starts @ 10pm — No worries!


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Adding detail and context is so important to developing your task list. When your completing those tasks you need those Tags + Repeat info + Notes to tell you that it’s a task that needs to be done @ Gym, Repeated 3x a week and needs a unique code to complete.

Using all of these context tools are vital in a task management application. Use them! Swipes, when clicking into a task, allows you to add more context for the on-the-go needs, or the sit-down and focus work. Need to know that this task demands you to be @ Home to complete or a @ Computer tag is needed to complete this task. Using the feature of opening up a task is needed — Use it and add more detail now!


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Looking into Swipes + Evernote mix is AMAZING!

These two apps work so well together!

Simply head over to a SETTINGS, INTEGRATIONS, Connect your Evernote Account to Swipes.

Go to a task, hit the lovely Evernote Logo at the top of the Task page. You will see an Evernote Importer.

From here you should be able to choose the “Note” that has the actions relevant to the task.

All ACTIONS will get brought in as Sub-tasks, this ability will have you wanting more and more tasks to be connected to Evernote notes. It adds so much more context that a lot of apps can’t engage without damaging the user experience.

I will doing a VIDEO on this very soon! And going more in depth on this on Twitter too! Share this with your Swipes App Buddies + the Community of #Productivity on Twitter!

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