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This Article aims to cover 7 tips for improving your iOS skills on Todoist and to maximise your time when using the application on the go…

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KEY: For sections with (P) attached to a line means you will need Todoist Premium to maximise the benefits… This is not an advert. But a mention before we begin for the usability of the application and for when you go away and apply.

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Todoist 10: iOS View

This will be broken in 7 parts… These are 7 parts of the app that I think can bring some real value to your experience using it.


Get the Application — if you have landed on this review.. and you haven’t been able to download Todoist yet. Get your HANDS on it today! I am putting this in here, because a lot of people land on the page and don’t realise they need to app to move forward. Get it now!

For those who don’t know: Todoist is an online task manager application allowing you to manage tasks and actions throughout your busy day, at work or home.


I have been very lucky enough to jump on-board with Todoist very early on, in around 2013 and in that period of time out of all the To Do List applications within the world of Productivity I use and test. Todoist is the Tippy Top of the List (* no pun intended ).

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The App Store: Todoist Preview

So…. Make sure to [DOWNLOAD]

After reviewing and using other Productivity Task Applications, this is currently the most functional, reliable and easy-to-use Task Manager Application.

These 3 criteria is what tolook for in DAILY/HOURLY and ON THE GO productivity apps. It is so important that this is the CRITERIA moving forward when looking at changes in the productivity app market.


Okay, now you have been able to download Todoist for iOS, we can start!

One of the 1st power feature within this overview is THEMES. And this is the SINGLE starting point for your Todoist Journey.


You may be asking why…? I will explain.

Head straight over to the COG/settings in the top Right Hand corner of the screen.

  • Hit “themes” — and choose one that suits you.
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Themes + Some of the Colours from the APP.
  • Choose a colour… and then click the notes button on the RIGHT of this page.[See Notes]

The association of having a colour of another app will help you with picking up the app and creating FAMILIARITY.

This is very useful, allowing the user to have the best visual experience is important. They will be visiting this app regulary and also engaging with potentially dull content and tasks so things need to be enlightning around the app.

Choose a colour that will inspire and enlighten you!


The next area to focus on is the MAIN FEED.

What I mean by “main feed” is the centre collumn of the “Next 7 Days” task list. This “feed” is the place you can visualise what you are working on over the next 7 days and will allow you to jump forward and plan ahead.

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When using this “feed”, you can start using the gestures built into the Application.

Used correctly these are VERY USEFUL.

Sliding your finger over a task towards the LEFT hand side will reveal what is one of the MOST useful features.


Schedule is AWESOME when you get to utilise this. It flips over to the screen allowing you to choose the exact date/time that you will do that TASK. Useful for pushing away lots of tasks to another date etc.

The REAL power with this is when you have lots of TASKs that you need to move to a new day… Maybe the new FIFA has been released and you need time to play it. You can bulk GRAB/SELECT your tasks and bung them onto a new DATE + TIME, even assign them all to another person… Cruel but USEFUL. [See below for Reference]

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MULTI Schedule feature — allowing you to schedule more than one task to another day or time…


The next CRAZY tip for starting to use Todoist is centered around COLOURS… Again.

You can see COLOURS in play on the review I made of Todoist iOS.

Before I mention this tip. Colours are important to a productivity APP. Don’t get me wrong, some applications do GO over the TOP with colours and backgrounds.

90% of the time. These backgrounds + colours are distractions within the app.

Todoist limits you to Themes and Project/Label/Filter colours. All very subtle and useful and definitely not over the TOP.


Colours are important because they brighten things up… They simply make the experience FUN. It is the same approach you have towards your iOS wallpaper and folder ordering…

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When it comes to PROJECTS — You need to get colourful. As I mentioned at the start. There is a Todoist Premium. Todoist Premium allows for 22 colors choice versus a 12 for the free model.

You simply need to start colouring in your Project folder.

Swipe over a PROJECT folder on the app and click the “pencil” option, it will review this menu. An opportunity to customise its VALUE as a piece of ART.

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Searching on Todoist is KING

The 5th installment to this article/guide is SEARCH. The new App has a KILLER ability to search over tasks completed or current within ALL of your history of tasks. Genius hey!

The GREY’d out tasks are COMPLETED tasks. This becomes very very relevant when you can jump in and see all of the tasks you have completed in each area or keyword.

This can be so so useful when you are in the application and can be found at the top of the page next to “Edit Multiple items” hidden away…

6//7 + 7//7


When it comes to organising your time. Todoist has a great REMINDER feature that jumps in and reminds you of the Task/Context around something, I call this DEAD-on the time. It is great when used well!

As you can see in Gary Vee’s video, 5/10/20 minute meetings seem to be a good strategy — especially when you are self-employed, having the context and tasks around the meetings are important. Todoist can help with this…

(P — You need Premium for this one) When you are next are next organising your meetings and you need context before a meeting.

Here is the Strategy:


20th May 2015 @ 12PM — no agenda has been mentioned


“Remind me on the 20th May to tell Bob that I need to give him the new Report”

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Hitting — schedule onto DATE/TIME + selecting “due time”

Location — use the edit task option and click REMINDERS, then “Location” from here you can choose an exact location to choose from.

These are a few of my SHOUTs about Todoist. I am going to be doing more and more videos about Todoist, Evernote, Sunrise and many many more Productivity Apps. As well as touching on GTD.

Click on the Bird to add me on Twitter and tell me what Productivity Apps you use…

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PS — MOD does a great review of Todoist


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