Best 5 GTD Apps for Better Productivity in 2021

Getting Things Done methodology condensed

Francesco D'Alessio


Long has the productivity space enjoyed the rich lessons that creator of “Getting Things Done” book, David Allen and continues to over time.

Being worshipped for his 5 steps of productivity — today the market reflects that with an array of productivity applications to best optimise your GTD methodology.

We’ve shortlisted a handful of recommendations for managing your productivity and GTD using some powerful applications:

1. Nirvana HQ

Some GTD applications can appear tired in look, thanks to the structured nature of GTD — that’s totally natural. Well, not Nirvana. The application springs life into the process.

Nirvana is available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows & Web — a wide variety for all types of users and the experience is fairly similar to tools like Todoist and TickTick in nature. A free tier is also available too.

Nirvana reflects GTD principles so well. Priced at a reasonable $29.99 per year too, Nirvana is a great bet for GTD newbies and veterans alike.

2. OmniFocus 3

Probably regarded as the dream hub for GTD’ers — OF3, as many refer to it, is the best in-class for managing the GTD method. A lot of people crave how OmniGroup — the developers behind OmniFocus have built this to-do…



Francesco D'Alessio

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