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Calendar App Making Hype Right Now…

An new up-and-coming calendar app landed this week!

Francesco D'Alessio
2 min readNov 23, 2022

Ready is one for the books.

Yes, Ready Calendar is making an appearance in an early access — one that has raised over $3.2M in their seed funding round from True Ventures.

Ready combines work meeting notes with your calendar, much like what the much anticipated Magical experience will aim to do on launch.

✨ What Ready does different?

Ready makes your events into notes that can be used.

The nature of real-time tasks and collab is interesting in Ready

Not in the same way that Agenda Notes offers notes for meetings, but in a more collaborative and connected sense.

Connect up your Google Calendar or said calendar platform and begin collaborating on meeting notes or agendas with others.

With templates and smart tasks, this takes the feel of what you get in Notion but with the abilities of a calendar at the core. An interesting market that tools like Hugo Calendar (soon to be shutdown) have been playing with more recently, as this hub for team meetings and notes in one place.

Magical are trying to do this too.

The centre of the universe for many people and teams is time.

Time helps to plot and plan ideas — from meetings to getting things done, this is the focus. Ready seems to have gotten the meeting aspects right, but the focus time and personal time blocking will be interesting, will they embed this ability to make it more of a personal productivity tool top replace tools like Google Calendar or your go-to tool for deep work orientated planning?

Magical is the main unreleased player in this market right now, and with the upcoming Superlist experience — Ready feels very much in play with these tools as the calendar market battle rages.



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