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Channel UPDATE: 7 new Videos!

This week, we have 7 new videos to check out. So I have decided to work on a “video a day” approach which will be interesting but for February this is a new challenge for me. This won’t last long! ;)

1.Evernote Market

This is something I was heavily surprised by, I though they would take this down much later, for example post-software update. Evernote have not updated in a very long time and it’s something that quietly shocked me. Review

WeekPlan is something that impressed me, I find new product apps very focused towards building growth, where I don’t see WeekPlan aiming for growth in productivity virality, I feel they sit on their own at being a tool for depth in holistically viewing your tasks. As a tool, it’s impressive to use alongside their added extensions. A unique option and worth a shout!

3.Todoed Recap

Todoed is something I reviewed a few months ago, as a very basic tool. It’s something that was the first of it’s kind. A tool allowing you to simply log a task or a note with a simple click was very powerful in the simplicity of use. Todoed now has a few friends in this mission however worth checking out their team functionality around this.

4.Fleep: Slack Attack!

Whilst I was at Web Summit, I met a few Productivity apps, missed out on meeting Phil Libin tho. :( However, I met a vibrant start-up called “Fleep” I was instantly hooked, cool name, smart branding, I chatted to Valentin, he went over all of features of Fleep. Watch the video and see ifit’s useful for your teams but to summarise “imagine Slack with the ability to email within the App”… Worth the attention right!

5.Nesting within Todoist

Nesting is a concept focal towards organising tasks in a list format, where you have a centralised task that re-routes to this. An example “Packing List for Holiday 2016” with 10 tasks with no dues dates, with one task “Pack for Holiday” routing to that Project folder. As you can imagine, super simple idea, it gets even more powerful when using it in work context with filters and labels supporting this data.

6. Trello Hacks #3: Tiaga

Tiaga is a neat tool and learning more on Reddit, a lot of people love this tool. It’s a fantastic tool for development teams, the lack of attraction is the usability is only on Linux + Web. As you can imagine with open source they tend to be quite restrictive, however worth a yell too!

7. Trello Hacks #4: Pomello

Pomello is something I’m looking forward to put in place this in my daily routine, I’m probably going to look for a non-Trello focal alternative to be monitoring my workflow using the Pomodoro Techniques. Pomello is a very well designed app that works smoothly over my Chromebook and well worth focusing on.

Thank you for your support, I’m hoping to continue my video a day, but work on really pressing it out onto a more categorical system so that you find videos of the tools you’re using in your everyday and get valuable tutorials and mini-advice points.

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