Could Google buy Notion in 2019?

What if Google purchased the high flying internal wiki tool

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Please note, this article is pure speculation and discusses the importance of applications like Notion in the future of work.

Google (Alphabet) aren’t shy to buying companies, over the years we’ve seen acquisitions like AppBridge, Android, Zagat and many more. Google acquisition role is to keep an eye on the field, continually monitor how to develop the best products and bring in the best talent to make those products a reality. From Google Sheets to Google Maps, all aspects are covered.

In 2019, imagine for a moment that Google purchases Notion in order to leapfrog their efforts with Google Drive. With Notion, a popular modular internal wiki, driving so much interest and developing the productivity workspace even further, Google can’t ignore its bold efforts in changing up and turning heads from tools like Google Docs, Sheets and even Slides.

Notion is new, fresh and always vulnerable to acquisition offers.

How is Notion structured now?

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Right now, Notion has a board of investors.

The investors come from a range of backgrounds in the technology fields, many of them ex-Facebook, partners and have worked at least for one technology start-up in the Silicon Valley area. For a company like Notion, this is a nice list of investors to have.

Whilst being supported by investors, Notion is very nimble and listen to their audience intently to continually tweak the core product.

Fun fact: Notion previously was called Sugarbox.

What would a Google Notion look like?

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There’s two ways Google would use Notion if they acquired it in 2019.

1. Google Docs embed

The first option for Google would be to condense the structural learning from Notion into Google Drive as a way to centralise and develop Google Documents into a workspace, versus a toolkit to getting things done.

Google Docs, sheet and even slides have been stale for many years, despite their original revolution, with very little attention put into development.

2. Evolution of AI software

The other thing Google might do is to keep Notion as it is. Improve Google integrations and then play with the artificial intelligence inside of the resource. Google might not agree to initially weave it into Google Docs, but experiment with Notion as a 3rd party resource afterwards.

With the goal of Notion becoming your workspace and personal assistant. Purely speculation, but that’s how I’d see it playing out.

Would Google buy Coda instead?

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Although Notion does have strong branding, evolving vision and is in the right direction to replace Google Docs. When it comes to acquisitions, I do think Coda would be more of the better bet for Google.

With their existing integrations, automations and Google sign-in, Coda would make the perfect acquisition and from a technical standpoint, a better buy.

Maybe this article planted a seed, or even discussed how Google needs to make a move on this workspace space now, hopefully it helped to get your mental juices flowing today.

Would you use Notion if Google bought it?!

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