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Has Notion Stopped Innovating?

With very little updates across 2020 and 2021 so far, what’s next?

Back in 2015, after the departure of Evernote’s CEO, Phil Libin, it felt like Evernote dropped off a cliff with updates — a very dry spell of new additions to the application had many people worried and a focus for the new CEO, Chris O’Neill, on the business market, Evernote felt very much neglected.

Notion’s Slightly Less Updated What’s New Page

Like all applications, early days are always like this, and can be changed by many factors, for Notion this has been:

  • Team Growth
  • Investment
  • Infrastructure

🏃🏽‍♂️Let’s cut the chase.

Notion are working on their public beta API, a new window into how Notion could be used. Allowing the world of apps/a marketplace to come to Notion and open up a new world of usage where people can automate, connect apps and bring a new way of using the tool to their lives.

📊 Why hasn’t there been updates?

Notion’s new attractive blog

📝 Should we be as worried as Evernote 2015?

Short answer, no.

From day one, Notion has had the perfect balance between work users and personal users (which they are generous to). Evernote put all their attention on the workspace customers and that was their biggest failing.

Expect 2021 to be Notion’s year of make or break…

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