Hey Dylan. Great questions.

No one judges me if you know what I mean. One place, I had a good experience, but after 30-minutes the WiFi stopped working, the WiFi apparently did that after 30-minutes, I haven’t been back. It’s work. I’m sure they understand that. As a coffee shop owner, the best thing to do is to keep a remote worker (eg. guy who opens up his laptop) aware of any issues that they might face before plonking down I guess.

For a coffee shop, I will spend around £4- £7 on cups of tea if I stay a full 6 hours. This is quite a good deal for them. I think companies should respect remote workers as there some external benefits for example, if I bring a friend or have a work related meeting in person, I’m brining an extra £10 to the table each time or more.

Like with most places, I recommend places to others that previously had never heard of the place, so I feel I bring value to the coffee shop.

Brilliant question though.

Francesco :-)

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