Hi Lauren,

Firstly thank you very much for writing this piece. Lauren Modery.

I am a “Productivity” tool reviewer, I take time to review tools and resources people can use across their day — On YouTube & Medium — I try to keep things tight when it comes to realistic titling and more. (CHANNEL)

I do find value in these “self help/hack” style articles, however by people who have had the experience to say they have fully tested something through.

I think it has to be clear that each of those people has taken full limitations to test the viability of the idea/concept/experiment. I do think there is value in that.

Thanks again! I’ve followed you now, as I’d love to keep in touch with your blog and more! Thanks Enrico Nahler for forwarding me here via his VLOG.


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👨🏻‍💻 Host of Keep Productive — talking about the future of productivity software here on Medium 👋🏻

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