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How I Use My Calendar

Challenges with planning events/activities

Here is a snapshot of my calendar in January 2016! Manic, right!?.

Jan 2016: How not to use a calendar

The reality, it really wasn’t.

As you can see by the calendar, I was just over demonstrating events and activities, putting in all the general habits, routines and items that I didn’t need to know. Over the last year, I’ve managed to refine my calendar.

Taking inspiration from Jason Fried, Basecamp CEO, at the start of 2017, everything started to sink-in. Nowadays, my calendar is pretty free!

My current Calendar view

Everything is clean. Basic and just includes the events/activities that are out of the ordinary efforts. It helps massively to

Actionable steps:

  1. Avoid blocking full days — use an “All-Day” event instead.
  2. Use Calendar Invites — with others.
  3. Connect other people’s calendars — but hide them
  4. Don’t add tasks to your calendar, unless it helps
  5. Avoid the need to add things to your calendar

The calendar is now a guide to my daily routine. Something I check once a day, and use to book events with others. I made a video on this last month. I have all of the calendar subscriptions on here, this is the only change.

Hope you enjoyed!


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