How I Use Notion in 2021

Exploration into databases, pages and insights of using Notion for work

Fundamentally I use Notion for work only. Back in late 2020, I decided to consolidate most of my personal notes and documents into Evernote — in which I’ve been using for 8+ years now just to tidy up my use cases.

👩🏻‍💻 Here’s a little more about how I work in Notion

☕️ Check out our library of videos on how to learn Notion below:

1. Team Admin

First off, we use Notion for Keep Productive — our website, YouTube and courses. We find it a nice wiki hub for our work and for our team.

  • 🌴 Planned Breaks — A space for team members to add their planned holiday and times off to keep others updated (not to disturb)
  • 🧭 Our Mission — More for new members, but a helpful place to stay updated with the values of the company
  • 💵 Sponsorship — A location to keep sponsorships updated and planning the next 6 months of sponsor arrangements
  • 🧾 Affiliate Relationships — The same with affiliate relationships, a simple database table that helps keep links in order so team members can add into blog posts without any issues
🌴 Planned Breaks, 🏡 Home & 🧭 Our Mission (R to L)

2. Content Calendar

We manage a lot of content from different places. Via YouTube, via social media, Medium, blogs, courses and more. Bringing that all in one location is key, so we built one central content calendar that serves as a linked database for other small filtered tables.

  • 📅 Calendar View — A calendar style approach to what’s coming next
  • 📘 Medium & Website — Filtered tables to see what type of content is coming up in the calendar — perfect for managing articles against videos
📝 Upcoming YouTube, 📅 Calendar View & 📘 Medium & Website (R to L)

3. Editing Schedules

Working with others is made easier with Notion. We use the original content calendar and use Notion’s linked databases feature to create views, filtered content and personalised dashboards for team members.

  • Blog Calendar — This is ideal for Alice, our brilliant blog editor to get briefed and updated on upcoming articles for Medium and website
  • 👩🏻‍💻 Editing Schedule — The now, most used table database — this helps use to see two views, my edits and Steve’s view (our smashing editor) — essentially filtered to the week ahead with only video content.
🌿 Upcoming Courses, Blog Calendar & 👩🏻‍💻 Editing Schedule (R to L)

4. *NEW* Planner

This is a new experiment based on Mike Vardy’s day theme concepts (perfectly explored in this free Skillshare class) — this helps me to take theme days based on the type of work I’ll be doing — eg. script, write, record and edit. In an effort to batch focus on work, this is a window into that.

  • Script Days — Same goes with scripting. This has helped massively in narrowing only what needs scripting to get more done in one batch.
  • 🔴 Record Days — This will save me huge amounts of time when I come to recording the next session of videos, I can begin clearing the list
  • 🪴 Edit Days — Same goes with the editing view. All helpful, I filter this down to only my edits, as not to bother Steve’s own Editing Schedule.
☀️ Various Layouts of Planner Views

🎇 Let me know how you organize your Notion!

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