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How Two Simple Questions Have Changed My Note-Taking Approach

Taking my notes to the next level required help and advice

What you see in the header is my current note-taking process, something that has been cemented in Notion for the last 9–12 months now. But to understand how I got here, here’s a little more about the tools and methods of the past:

  • The first 7–8 years of note-taking was all inside Evernote
  • From my dyslexia report at 15 to my wedding day speech
  • Evernote is still active for me, just a capture base for documents

Premise of Notes

Note-taking has always not always been one of my strongest points.

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Conscious Streams

Only a few months ago, I started using Notion to do “conscious streams of thoughts” — something that, according to expert Tiago Forte, is a practice recommended by therapists to help those looking to get in control of their thoughts, something I didn’t actually know.

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Who is Tiago Forte?
  • I was doing notes correctly.
  • But the issue I was having was remained with how I viewed notes
  • And how I titled them
  • Both two things that were on my mind

The Two Questions

In this interaction, Tiago asked me the following two questions:

  1. What don’t you currently like about the titling of your notes?
  • And I wasn’t happy with the titles as search-ability became harder
  • Titling each note with a more “findable” phrase rather than “EOW” or “Breakdown” — with a goal to find the result of the note before reading it

Watch the whole video here

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