4 Tips for Students to start using Social Media effectively

1 ) Design

  • Change your image for the Profile
  • Needs to be professional/personal environment, no alcohol — relaxed by passionate
  • Needs to be consistent
  • Change your Bio — needs to be fluffy!
  • Bring in what you are “about” to your Biography
  • Your passions, interests, what you do…

See example:


  • Cover Photo — needs to encompass your goal or passion/vision.

2) Funnelling

  • You need to push people towards areas that you want
  • Eg. When someone comes into your social media, there needs to be a consistent link to something else.
  • A lot of people do this with LinkedIn URL, you can do this with a website, YouTube Channel
  • Choose something that has the most content and information about you but not something too personal

EG. Andrew pushes people to his LinkedIn…

3) Conversations

  • Talk to people about what you are interested in..
  • When finding employees/recruiters/bosses — talk with them around your subject
  • Don’t jump in and SELL yourself straight-away
  • After at least 3–4 conversations he/she will check you out naturally — using the funnelling, design and content when they arrive.

4) Content

  • My funnels: Website + YouTube
  • Create content around your interest…
  • EG. If you’re interest is snowboarding like Andrew… but he brings this on top of his social media work with @verizonwireless

Thanks everyone,


Let’s talk about this… Do you have anymore tips..

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