Investing in Mem

Our Series A investment in Mem Labs inc.

Francesco D'Alessio
2 min readNov 10, 2022

As of today, we are a silent investor in Mem Labs inc.

Keep Productive has become a Series A investor in Mem Labs inc. in our first-ever investment as a company.

This decision was made over the summer of 2022.

Keep Productive will continue work as normal helping you to find the best productivity tools — whether that be Evernote, Notion, Asana or Trello — as it best suits your lifestyle and work needs.

🤖 So, why invest in Mem?

Since 2015, I’ve been giving my personal opinion on productivity software.

Some good, some bad and some armchair futurist — here on Medium, on YouTube and many more places — my objective as the host of Keep Productive is to inform you with the best tools, and also map the road ahead in terms of tools and the future of productivity.

An opportunity came across our lap, that enhanced my own views that artificial intelligence will have a role in productivity admin in the next few years, and we put our money down on Mem Labs inc as one of the many tools doing this.

The technology within Mem is what excites us most.

🙋🏻‍♂️ How does this affect reviews?

Nothing changes.

We still recommend tools as they are best fit for you. We will state our investment in Mem whenever we cover Mem, but primarily, our objective is to continue our 10+ year long work of representing the productivity space as a collective to help you make the most informed decision.

I’ve outlined how this will affect Keep Productive by sharing the values and manifesto, I’d love you to read it and reach out with any questions.

When it comes to Mem itself, whilst having some early stage AI technology that I think has a future, the current state of the tool is messy and doesn’t have a real defined route forward when it comes to what it is, right now.

As someone who loves all tools, I love when I match people with the correct tool for them — the objective of an investment is to enhance my opinions that I already share and will not affect reviews/coverage.

Thank you all for your support over the years!



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