Is Cron Calendar the Best Free Calendar App?

One of the most beautiful free calendar apps

Francesco D'Alessio
2 min readOct 11, 2023


Cron Calendar is a free calendar owned by Notion.

But is it the best free calendar application on the market right now?

Cron presents really beautiful design. Like an upgraded Apple Calendar it offers a neat way to manage your events, book meetings & even time-block.

It is also free. Owned by Notion, it is free and available to public access now. There’s been no word that Notion will get rid of Cron so that’s super!

Best Bits of Cron Calendar for Free Use

There’s really three gems that make up the experience

Book Meetings with Cron
  • Events — Easy to create and manage events and meetings.
  • Meeting Booking — you can share availability with people and even a link to help them book externally with you.
  • Stunning Mobile App — probably the best mobile application and that makes it even better now you know its free.
  • Upgraded Design — yes Apple Calendar is free, but Cron is better looking overall than Apple or Google Calendar.

Alternative: Rise Calendar

Rise Calendar

One to consider against the likes of Cron Calendar is Rise.

Rise Calendar is new and offers a $20 per month premum for teams, but for individual users it is free to access all features. Meaning it packs a decent set of features that Cron misses out on, let’s unpack these free features.

  • Focus Guard: A feature that uses AI to better time-block your calendar saving time when the day gets too busy.
  • 1:1 Meetings: Great for collaborating on finding the best time slot ahead for your team members for up to 5 people per account.
  • Flexi Calendar Types: You can not only set a regular meeting or event in the calendar, but a flexi one that adapts to the busy day in hand.

In-Depth Guide Review of Cron

Looking for a better, more in-tune review of Cron — here we go:



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