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Is MasterClass Actually Worth It?!

Here are my 30-days of hot-takes on celebrity ridden courses

Here’s a round-up of my best and worst experiences to date.

✨ Pros

  • High-quality production — from sound to video to animations
  • A range of 75 courses — with varying topics
  • Classes vary in length between 10 - 30 lessons

👎🏼 Cons

  • Only 5–7 classes per category
  • Some classes share very general knowledge

📹 What does it look like inside?

One of the most common questions with MasterClass, is what does it look like? And how do you use it?

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  • Left: They have a community center for chat and questions
  • Middle: You can find people to watch in categories up top
  • Right: This is the homepage with all the playlists + classes you’re taking

💼 Best courses taken to date*

paul krugman masterclass
paul krugman masterclass
  • Paul Krugman (⏱ 70% through) — a great introduction to economics
  • Bob Iger (✅ done) — well-rounded business strategy guide
  • Jeff Goodby & Rich Silversteen (⏱40% through) — interesting welcoming to advertising and creativity perception
  • Sara Blakely (⏱15% through) — a look into how Spanx was created and how she’s gone about dealing with sales, supply chain, and customers

*NOTE: these all have affiliate links if you do go to purchase them.

💵 Concerning the Price?

Wow. $179 per year. That’s mad!

Well, if you took Skillshare, it’d cost you $90 and they have 1,000’s of classes. So why take 75 for $179? I thought about this. And MasterClass is a really well put together platform, I call it the Netflix for Courses.

So you’re paying premium rate, for premium level production and the world’s foremost expert — you won’t learn tangible skills, but the best navigation!

📺 Get 2 months free Skillshare Premium here.

🔦 Best way to use it

  • Spend 10-minutes every morning
  • Easy enough to forget about course access, but taking them
  • Use note-taking apps to tally your personal notes
  • Use the workbooks they provide after each lesson

⛺️ Should you get it?

  • Yes, if you want a high-quality tool and strategy or overarching values and philosophies are your goals.
  • No, if you aren’t seeing more than 4–5 classes that interest you from day one!

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