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Is Roam Research the Next Big Tool!?

With Notion’s $2bn value, will Roam join this success?

There’s naturally been a lot of hype around Notion these last few weeks, and with Notion’s strong $2bn pre-money valuation, surely there’s room for more workspace tools to run alongside its success.

What is Roam

Roam Research is a note-taking application with a twist.

roam research networked thought
roam research networked thought

Use Cases

So who’s using this application?

Twitter is full of users sharing how they’re using it.

Mark’s layout seems to include a basic to-do list for the day and notes on all his research
Roam’s Graph Database feature shows you how all your notes are connected. David seems to have taken advantage of this new feature.
Shu Omi uses it as his resonance calendar, a technique promoted by Ali Abdaal to capture important learnings from a wide range of resources


Take Notion, for example, Roam differs in a variety of ways.

  • Notion doesn’t offer tags to connect notes
  • Evernote is more of a filing cabinet solution
  • Roam links things together like your brain does


Right now, it's important to note, it’s only available on the browser with mobile editions in the works.

Looks like Roam Mobile is coming — at least on web browser mobile.


You can learn Roam here using Nat Elison’s course*

A chat with founder Conor

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