Is this Good Marketing or Morally Wrong?!

Are we profiting from this new influx of remote workers?

Francesco D'Alessio
3 min readMar 24, 2020


Like with all situations, businesses always seek an opportunity to expand their net and catch more customers.

Over these last few weeks, many millions have had to work remotely for the first time. Managers, employees, owners and stakeholders, all new to remote working have taken up the mantle.

🧰 New Tools Needed

With this influx of newbies to remote work, has come the change in the way they work. New tools have been needed. Ones with a greater focus on collaboration and connectivity remotely.

So, the majority of teams have needed the following:

  • Team communication space
  • Video conferencing tools
  • Better, more remote-friendly project management tools
  • VPN networks
  • Smaller, more nimble extensions and add-ons

This rise in tools needed has naturally given rise to more hands being risen by companies as they seek to become their new hubs for work.

🏡 All Singing & Dancing

The last week or so, I’ve seen a number of adverts, promotions, marketing campaigns and more — focusing on their application being remote.

Whilst this might be true, it can feel like, these tools are “only just discovering this” and that they’ve never in the past promoted their remote work-readiness.

But I think like humans and companies, this is what we do. As long as it doesn’t hurt or damage anyone I think competition is fair, the thing to look out for is the ethics side of things.

🌱 The Best Ethics to Have

This has been on my mind all week, how can we all be ethical about this?

  • 👨🏻‍🏫 Teach — educating customers about best remote work practices is one way to help and improve ethics in this situation
  • 🧡 Support — provide support to those customers you’re already serving in this difficult time — working out what they need and how you can help



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