Microsoft Teams Adds “Essentials” at $4 Monthly for Small Businesses

Microsoft have added a brand-new plan for small business owners looking to use the power of Microsoft Teams and managing their online meetings.

TLDR: Essentials is a $4 per user/per month plan for small business — with up to 30hours of group meeting, file sharing, chat and calendar — with 10GB storage

“Simple and affordable meeting solutions”

Essentials is aimed to help improve productivity and communication — to help create group meetings for up to 30 hours, and up to 300 people too, per meeting. They also offer a total of 10 gigabytes (GB) file storage, which is twice the amount of storage available in the free version of Teams.

And includes everything you’d expect in Microsoft Teams Free Plan.

🗂 What’s included?

  • Up 30 hours of unlimited group meetings
  • Up to 300 participants per meeting
  • 10GB Cloud Storage
  • Anytime phone and web support

🎉 This plan is now showing up in the Microsoft plans for Teams — making it easier to get started

Microsoft overviewed this really well and how it correlates to the Microsoft Teams additions that are available in different plans on their blog.

🍻 Enjoying our coverage of Microsoft 365 updates, here’s our latest video!



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