Motion Charges $34 Per Month & Akiflow Wants to Battle It

The battle begins with Akiflow and Motion in 2024

Francesco D'Alessio
3 min readOct 23, 2023

Motion is a daily planner application that charges $34 per month or $19 per month (if paid annually) and you’ll see it everywhere. TikTok ads, on blogs and much more — well very simply Motion wants to help organize your day, not just help — do it for you. They have a new friend, Akiflow. This new battle brings new life to the task management space that has long been list-based and even shakened up Todoist that has been long-standing.

What does Motion do with AI?

So, Motion wants to use auto-scheduling that allows you to add task details and then Motion AI makes sure it allocates the task to fit the best time around your meetings and other events. Motion also handles the tasks and calendar and booking for meetings all in one. With the AI — it wants to become your task assistant for the week ahead and to better take the strain out of planning. Here’s our full Motion app review if you’re interested.

What Akiflow is doing to battle them?

So Akiflow wants a piece of this piece and whilst they don’t have AI technology yet. They do have task consolidation which allows you to bring tasks from other apps like Gmail, Slack and ClickUp into Akiflow. This can turn Akiflow not only into your task app but also your app for dashboarding tasks. Say you hate using ClickUp at work, import them into Akiflow etc. They want to bring the battle to Motion and they are doing this very fast — with new features like Time Slots, better and speedies mobile apps & maybe even AI in the future.

Our full Akiflow review if you don’t know it yet.

Why a daily planner app?

Daily planner apps are a new breed of to-do list apps, that combine both tasks and calendars — this commonly helps better time-blocking and is worth consdieringn if you’re a busy professional that wants to better allocate their time in a calendar view. Most calendar apps just show calendar and same with to-do list apps, daily planners are a blend. There’s more? Yes — which are the best daily planner apps to check out?

Something not note about daily planner apps are that they are 2–4x expensive than a traditional to-do list application normally between $12 — $20 per month versus $4–8 per month. A big uptick.



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