MY AUGUST REVIEW: FlashSticks App, HQ Quality videos & Fitness



This segment covers my progress. I’ve been working flat out this month on a lot of different areas. Fitness has been a key to this but also FlashSticks and my YouTube channel.

I’m focusing more of my attention on creating more valuable content on YouTube, I’ve been post every 3–4 days now with useful videos around a specific subject but aiming to be posting out a lot more with some of your suggestions across the next week.

I’m also looking to start a weekly segment called “Being Productive at University” — This will be a weekly episode allowing me to go deeper on organisation, getting things done and monitoring your progress as well as motivational value thrown in.

At FlashSticks we are launching a new App. It’s been something we’ve been working on very hard over the last few months (6). I’m learning a huge amount from the Team but also from my everyday situations. Things I’m focusing on this month are being more present in situation as well as developing more networking skills as I’ve been very much online this month.



I’ve also been doing around 1–2 guest blog posts a week as well as podcasts for other guest blogs. I’m going to be continuing to do this.

My most popular video this month has been Todoist for Android

My most popular podcast this month has been GrtrStill: Top tips for Productivity

My most popular guest blog this month has been Boston Tea Party — Tips for being productive for cafe


I’ve been following a new workout routine.

  • Mondays — 10 -20 minutes on weights for arms + 30 minutes cardio.
  • Tuesdays — 10 minutes on core + 30–40 minutes cardio.
  • Wednesday — 20 minutes on weights for arms + 20–30 minutes cardio.
  • Thursday — 20 minutes on weights for arms + 20–30 minutes cardio.
  • Fridays — 30 minutes of weights for core + 30 minutes basketball.
  • Saturdays — 10 minutes of weights
  • Sundays — 20 minutes of weights + 30 minutes cardio

My routine varies as well, from week to week, however the balance of 1 day on and 1 day off, I’m always seeming to push out my cardio training daily. Looking to boost my weight time too.

I’ve moved to a 35kg bench press from a 25kg bench which is not too bad as I’m starting out. Bearing in mind, we’ve only had the weight for around 1 1/2 weeks now this isn’t too bad from a complete beginner.

I’m still on the Slow Carb diet, I’ve been slipping up every now and then this month with the odd flapjack here and there. Something that does affect the weight loss and toning. I also haven’t been that interested in running to the “cheat day” I’m quite eager to do “cheat meals” but looking to re-align myself to a sole cheat day once again to reduce problems.

Overall I’m building some visible lean muscle which is great and I’ve lost a total of 1 stone 3lbs in the last 2 months whilst starting a more rigor routine with my fitness.

Aims for next month:

  • Increase bench press to 45kg
  • Define muscles on arms and core
  • Beat my last 10KM run time of 43 minutes.


I’ve been heavily using the Fitbit HR Charger as my means to monitor any fitness that I’ve been doing. It has been really reliable, fast

The Toshiba Chromebook 2 has been super amazing. It’s worked like a Trojan and I’ve been using it like crazy. Still selling my Chromebook C720P and also Chromebase.

I’m using Todoist + Sunrise + Evernote alongside Trello + my Baron Fig notebook.

Trying out some more services over the next month to review on my YouTube.


I’m currently reading Marcus Aurelius’s, teachings.

I’ve pretty much finished 4hr Body. I’m looking to go over this to fix some issues with my Slow Carb diet and increase quality of my eating routines.

I’m listening to more Tim Ferriss Podcasts — loved his networking podcast

Here’s my recommended Blogs + Vlogs to listen/watch in September 2015.

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