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My Productivity System is Changing Fast

A snapshot of my toolkit as it enters the next chapter of life

In the last few weeks, life changed for me – and it hasn’t been as much to do with the COVID-19 pandemic, surprisingly.

  • 👨🏻‍💻 Attention – Delivery, and focus, despite the lack of sleep, has become much more refined. You notice you procrastinate less, the task at hand becomes more pressing and you drill down on what matters. Probably because you know you’re minutes away from the little one rising.

This is a snapshot into how the basic tools I use are changing, from a to-do list to information management

✅ Todoist

Refined personal task manager

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This is my current to-do list
  • 👣 Sub-tasks – The use of sub-tasks is in use more than ever, each main task is broken down to eliminate any confusion.
  • 👨🏻‍💼 Scheduled – The planning view now helps me to see in the next week, and I’ve reverted back to scheduling tasks per hour. Although the day won’t go to plan, I like the linear line-up of what’s up next.
  • 🧰 More Projects – As you can see “Personal” has expanded. It now includes 4 additional projects, from Recs to Reads, this includes some important folders I’m clipping into – I never used to use this many sub-projects, as I believed in solely 2 projects (work, personal).
  • 📱 iPad Pro use – As you can see, this is an iPad screen grab. I’ve been using it as my to-do list hub, now that I picked up an iPad to review applications, I can now use it as my morning management.
  • 📚 Recs – is saving anything that the community recommends to me for a review or even for checking out for my own productivity workflow.
  • 📔 Reads – now the reading station in the mornings, I go here and clear at least 2–3 articles – allowing me to clip faster on the go.
  • 📦 Errands – these are all house, finance or chore orientated and helps me peek into what needs to get done – from house documents to clear to planning finances for the upcoming month.

🔮 Notion

Newly refined project management

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The new Notion workspace layout
  • 🔫 Projects & TASks– As mentioned, Todoist has been my base for task management for many years, where I’m not replacing Todoist with Notion – I’m moving my work based goals and projects fully into Notion.
  • 🧰 Learning – I saw this recently in a Marie Poulin feature about how she’s highlighting her “active courses” – so she knows what she’s learning. You can get carried away with the audiobooks, books, courses you’re taking – and this will be my workaround.

📒 Evernote

The document filing cabinet

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Trusty old Evernote with over 4,000 notes
  • 🛋 Capture – I’m now capturing on the iPad edition of the Evernote application – this is only a minor tweak, but my two devices are iPad and iPhone for Evernote now – for their 2 device limit.

Why Change?

These aren’t major changes in my workflow. I’m still using my core applications, they are the following:

  • Notion – for project management
  • Evernote – for document management
  • Woven — for calendar viewing

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