Notion Bought These 3 Companies

And they want to buy even more…

Francesco D'Alessio
2 min readNov 2, 2022


Notion has been valued at over $10bn and over the last few years rocked up a vast amount of users in a small period of time.

And yes… you can now see Notion ads on the London underground! 🚇

The world of Notion is constantly expanding and neither is their acquisitions. With COO Akshay Kothari stating in an article in Protocol

“We find ourselves in an interesting spot because we’ve always been cash flow-positive, and we don’t need to do those things,” said Notion COO Akshay Kothari. “So we’ve been thinking the last six months a lot about ‘Well, if everybody is zigging, how do we zag?’”

As the world of many are in uncertainty, Notion has spare cash and interest in buying firms in the same field, interesting! Let’s explore what they’ve bought so far, in the realm of business and productivity.

1. Automate.IO — acquired in September 2021

To advance their automations and API, Notion acquired Bangalore based — to help evolve this growing field of Notion skills.

2. FlowDash — acquired in July 2022

Building a smart way to experience tasks, a little like Airtable — Flowdash is one of Notion’s latest acquisition — an interesting buy!

3. Cron — acquired in June 2022

Calendar beauty Cron is the latest to be snapped up in an apparent “acquihire” as they bring the talents of the Cron team into Notion.

Learn more about each of the tools

An interest set of buys from Notion in a very uncertain market.

⚡️ What will they buy next?

A few articles mentioned thanks to the acquisition of Cron, they are interested in checking out tools in the real-time communication space — potentially video or instant messaging, to help bolster the existing async like experience inside of Notion.



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