Productivity AI: What’s Next?

ChatGPT, Microsoft Co-Pilot, Plugins & Beyond: Phase 1

Francesco D'Alessio
3 min readAug 7, 2023


Productivity has been struck with the power of AI in 2023. With the first wave of things kicking off in October 2022 and now almost a year on the honeymoon period between you and loving AI is probably wearing off.

But what does this mean for productivity AI and the future? Is it all been a side-quest we’ll never revisit, or something to continue to invest in?

I wanted to break this down into an approachable piece to help understand what’s next for productivity AI and what to expect with the future of software. This is my own personal opinion of what’s next:

Phase 1: Fragile Frameworks

Right now, everything is built off of almost one framework. OpenAI.

This is why it is a fragile framework. Very much reliant on OpenAI and to their limitations and constraints. These fragile frameworks are always a beginning location for new and emerging industries, but is one of the reasons why we feel the way we do about AI right now, today.

A little bit rundown. There’s not too many LLMs and other options out there as a base or framework right now, so the optionality to expand or grow your startup is limited making it a stalled industry right now as everyone is using the same engine.

Phase 2: Visual Upgrades

With better software design and better, more open AI systems will bring more expansion in this space. A change in design needs to happen and be much less about the keyboard I’m typing on right now.

It will be about space. Space on the screen and how to use voice-AI or prompts on-screen to upgrade whatever you are doing. Think Iron-man on this, the GUI he uses is all about prompts that are via voice systems to navigate and pull things around, for others this will be on-screen prompts that have memory-muscles to populate with what is relevant to work.



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