Replacing Evernote Might Re-Think Your Note-Taking

Many people are ditching Evernote due to subscription changes

Francesco D'Alessio
2 min readJun 13, 2024


With all new things, change helps shape things. With Evernote, many people have been seeking alternatives and thinking about how they take notes day-to-day as they seek to better take notes.

Re-thinking your note-taking?

Evernote might have stored your notes for over 10 years now.

Many people at this time, might be in a different phase or time of life. With change, comes an opportunity to reflect on the tools you use. One of the things that happened in 2019 was that I was looking at how I planned as I became a “business owner” — I needed something more holistic so I switched from Todoist to Sunsama.

This change in pace, allowed me to re-think the tools. If you’re looking at switching to Evernote, this could be a time to review what the objective of note-taking is.

How do I pick an Evernote alternative?

Looking at Evernote, if you’re switching you likely want one of two things:

  • Less expensive options
  • A change in note-taking style



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