Roam is Evernote back… in 2009

Potentially a better Evernote replacement than Notion

Roam Research has been on everyone’s minds in the last few weeks, and if you haven’t heard about it yet – where have you been?!

👨🏻‍💻 Evernote Level Hype

🎩 Roam Cult

The second element that brings back Evernote revolution memories is the CEO and the community behind the Roam rise.

📒 Dynalist Undercut

One of the questions I’ve asked myself for many weeks now, is, surely, a tool like Dynalist, Bear, or Workflowy could introduce the networked thought concept into their system.

🧰 Mobile & Offline

So, what’s next for the platform?

  • Offline Access – so that when the issues of the servers persist, there’s a way to capture your data (and not have to manually store it)
  • Better Servers – they seem to be always addressing the speed of the servers on Twitter and something on their mind
  • New $15 Pricing – the pricing has been announced, it’ll be $15 per month for the average joes and $7.50 per month for students/academics.

An exciting few months ahead for Roam Research.

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