Slack kills off Stride & HipChat

Atlassian partners with Slack to dominate team communication

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Yes, you better believe it! Slack continues it’s domination streak with a partnership with Atlassian, the folks that own Trello.

In an official announcement on July 26th 2018, Atlassian and Slack shared the news about their new relationship. Let’s dive into what’s new!?

Joff from the Atlassian team put out an official statement about the partnership on the website, which you can view here.

In a nutshell, the partnership means:

  • Stride & HipChat will be discontinued on 15th Feb 2019
  • Atlassian has made an equity investment in Slack
  • Slack has acquired the IP for Stride and Hipchat Cloud
  • Integrations between Slack and Jira Cloud, Bitbucket Cloud, and Trello will be improved.
  • Slack has been a user of Atlassian products for many years, and Atlassian’s 2,600+ employees will begin using Slack.
  • Atlassian is to enter into a strategic partnership with Slack and no longer offer our own real-time communications products.

What does this mean for the market?!

The likes of Twist will be threatended by the move, but so will many many others in the team communication space.

Slack will now gain the design IP of Stride and the history of HipChat.

The domination continues, as Slack takes on potentially all employees of Atlassian, 2,600 more, and the potential accounts of all Stride users.

But will this really benefit Slack, only time will tell…

Remember, you can watch the lowdown here on YouTube.

Stay tuned on the YouTube channel for more features.

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