Superhuman is The Most Expensive Email in the World But Is It the Best?

Does the $30 p/m email management app still win top spot?

Francesco D'Alessio
3 min readOct 17, 2023

Superhuman gets a lot of attention in a good way and a bad way.

A better, more updated review

The application is priced at $30 per month for solo users and less for annual commitment, and let’s you handle your email as a more premium, faster, no-ads Gmail & Outlook experience.

But is it still worth the $30 for your email? And is it still the best?

Is Superhuman still the best?

Short answer. It depends on what you need. If you’re hunting for something that handles email fast and wants to teach you a faster more progressive way to do that using your keyboard, Superhuman is the winner.

If budget isn’t important and money is of no object. Superhuman is the best-in-class overall email experience, it is simple yet powerful and brings a level of brilliance to email.

But if you are watching your wallet, then there are other tools to consider in the line-up. Superhuman is an email client meaning it is built on top of Gmail and Outlook to help you handle the emails within there, whereas tools like Skiff and Hey Email want to start you from scratch.

What apps are like Superhuman?

Well, if budget is a worry. Spark Mail is probably a fantastic all-rounder for handling your email with features that help you triage email (in their lower cost pro experience) and a general easy to use and reliable interface, Spark is one to consider as an alternative to Superhuman.


Hey Email is another on to consider, although it is very much a way of life meaning you will have to learn their way ot handling and triaging emails and live by that mantra — you get your own email address and a world-class application, you can catch our Hey Email review here.

Spark Mail is the best all-rounder email for the general audience.

Should you get Superhuman?

If you spend around 3–4 hours of email a day and you can correlate spend to the output of your email — eg. comms with sponsors, or comms with clients, where money and value of communication is important — then it is worth considering Superhuman as an option.

For a full in-depth Superhuman review explore here:

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